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We get it. Do we really need another ratings website? We argue we do. Let us explain.

Welcome to  VeryBestofAllTime.com, also known as VBOAT, – a unique platform that believes in the relative value of comparison rather than the arbitrary scales of out-of-10 or yes-or-no systems. At the heart of our approach is the understanding that every choice we make is relative to another. When choosing what to watch, read, or experience, we are not simply rating a singular entity; instead, we are deciding on a set of options. This perspective allows us to provide more meaningful and relevant insights for you.

How Did You Come Up With This Idea? 

I was listening to an episode of the philosophy podcast Very Bad Wizards where one host, pure nerd/Star Trek fan, got the other host, an anti-Trekkie, to agree to watch one episode of Star Trek. Nervous about the decision the host, also known as Dave, put it to the fans of the show: Which episode of Star Trek would recommend to a non-fan? The answer to which could be one of the most consequential answers in human history. A correct answer, could unlock years of entertainment potential. A wrong answer and hope would be lost forever. Thus I sought to build a simple way where fans of shows, directors or  podcasts could vote on the best of the best. In this era of algorithms demanding a consistent content schedule, it can be difficult to decipher the best from just another episode. Our hope is to break through that cycle and determine just that worth watching, listening or reading.   

How Does The Rating System Work? 

Traditional rating systems like IMDb’s numerical scale or Rotten Tomatoes’ binary approach often fall short in delivering helpful guidance. A movie might be rated 6/10 on IMDb, but what does this number truly represent? Similarly, Rotten Tomatoes’ recommended viewings tally into the thousands, an overwhelming and impractical list for any individual.

Our approach recognizes and attempts to alleviate these issues. Instead of providing an absolute score or a broad recommendation, we focus on comparative assessments. For instance, rather than asking users to rate all of Leo Tolstoy’s books independently, we ask: “What is the best Leo Tolstoy book?” Users must choose only one, forcing a thoughtful comparison and prioritization. This methodology promotes quality over quantity and offers a clearer decision-making framework.

By focusing on the relative value of one thing over another in the same category, we believe we can help you make better-informed decisions about how to spend your valuable time. Whether you’re looking for a book to read, a movie to watch, or an album to listen to, our platform offers recommendations based on thoughtful, relative comparison rather than nebulous scales.

We invite you to explore and participate in our community of discerning individuals seeking the best life offers, one choice at a time. Welcome to the future of informed decision-making. Welcome to our website.

Improve The process

We’re always looking to improve our process from either a UI, UX, Data Analysis or Data Intake model. Please feel free to reach out to us here if you have any idea about how to improve our ranking system.