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Distinct Styles

From the eclectic narratives of Anderson to Tarantino’s genre-bending tales and the Coen Brothers’ darkly comedic spins, these filmmakers imprint their unique styles onto every frame. While all of their movies (arguably) have been terrific, which one would you say is their best? I mean, if you realllly, had to.

Psychological Drama

Whether it’s the haunting atmospheres crafted by Lynch, Hitchcock’s masterful suspense, or Shyamalan’s twist-filled plots, these directors have a knack for delving deep into the human psyche. Can anything take down Mulholland Drive for Lynch’s Best Film? What about the Sixth Sense for Shyamalan? And what of the Legend Hitchock? Are you gonna be a hipster and vote for Rope just like the rest of them? Are you?

Visual Pioneers

We’ve all experience the grandeur and spectacle of these three, arguably Cinemas most innovative filmmakers. Nolan’s intricately woven narratives, Cameron’s pioneering visual effects, and Del Toro’s fantastical universes showcase the boundless possibilities of the silver screen.

Before voting, if you need a reminder about each episode, you can review the table below or the episode summaries that appear below the vote.

Cinema Classicists

Whether it’s Scorsese’s gritty portrayal of urban life, Kurosawa’s epic samurai tales, or Kubrick’s meticulous cinematic explorations, these legends have shaped the landscape of film for generations. Can anything topple “Goodfellas” from Scorsese’s throne? Is “Seven Samurai” the definitive masterpiece for Kurosawa? And when it comes to Kubrick, will “2001: A Space Odyssey” remain the undisputed champion, or will you side with the cult-favorite “A Clockwork Orange”? Are you ready to cast your vote and reshape how we view cinematic history?

Featured Vote: What is the best Time Travel Movie of All Time?

A niche which many are interested in but few are familiar with: Time Travel. What are considered the best in the genre? What else is there besides Back to the Future? Well if that sums up your knowledge, then you are missing out. VOTE