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What Is The Best Eagles Album of All Time?

The Eagles playing live

The Eagles are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1971. With five number-one singles and six number-one albums, the Eagles were among the most successful recording artists of the 1970s.

The original members were Glenn Frey (guitars, vocals), Don Henley (drums, vocals), Bernie Leadon (guitars, vocals), and Randy Meisner (bass guitar, vocals). They initially started as a backing band for Linda Ronstadt and then decided to form their own group. Their debut album, “Eagles,” was released in 1972 and included the hit single “Take It Easy.”

The band’s most significant breakthrough came with the release of “Hotel California” in 1976. With iconic tracks like “New Kid in Town” and the title track “Hotel California,” this album became a massive commercial and critical success.

Over the years, the Eagles underwent several lineup changes, with Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit joining the band, replacing Leadon and Meisner respectively. Internal tensions and creative differences led to the band’s breakup in 1980.

In 1994, the Eagles reunited for the album “Hell Freezes Over,” a mix of live recordings and new tracks. The subsequent tour was a major success, marking a powerful comeback for the band.

The Eagles released “Long Road Out of Eden” in 2007, their first full studio album since “The Long Run” in 1979. The album debuted at number one and was certified seven times platinum in the U.S.

Tragically, founding member Glenn Frey passed away in January 2016. The band paid tribute to Frey at the Grammy Awards that year, and his son Deacon Frey took his place for subsequent tours.

Let’s not end it on that note. Let’s vote: which album is the best Eagles album of all time? Review their albums below for a refresher and then vote in the poll below.

Release Date Album Notes
June 1, 1972 Eagles Debut album, includes the hit "Take It Easy."
April 17, 1973 Desperado Concept album centered around Old West outlaws.
March 22, 1974 On the Border Marked a shift towards a more rock-oriented sound.
June 10, 1975 One of These Nights First album to top the charts; included several hit singles.
December 8, 1976 Hotel California One of the best-selling albums of all time; explores themes of success and excess in America.
September 24, 1979 The Long Run Last studio album before breakup; includes the hit "Heartache Tonight."
October 30, 2007 Long Road Out of Eden First full studio album in 28 years; debuted at number one.

What Is The Best Eagles Album of All Time?

More About Eagles Albums

The Eagles are an iconic American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971. Known for their harmonious vocals and blend of rock and country influences, they are one of the best-selling bands of all time.

Eagles (1972)

The self-titled debut album “Eagles” was released in 1972 and marked a fresh sound in rock music, combining country and folk elements. The hit “Take It Easy” helped the album achieve significant commercial success.
  • Year Released: 1972

Desperado (1973)

“Desperado,” released in 1973, is a concept album revolving around Old West outlaws. Although not initially a commercial success, the album’s reputation has grown over time and features beloved songs like “Tequila Sunrise.”
  • Year Released: 1973

On the Border (1974)

With “On the Border,” the Eagles began to embrace a more rock-oriented sound. Released in 1974, the album included the hit “Already Gone” and marked the band’s first collaboration with guitarist Don Felder.
  • Year Released: 1974

One of These Nights (1975)

“One of These Nights,” released in 1975, saw the Eagles further refine their sound, achieving their first number one album. It includes chart-toppers like “Lyin’ Eyes” and the title track, “One of These Nights.”
  • Year Released: 1975

Hotel California (1976)

The 1976 release “Hotel California” is perhaps the band’s most famous album, with the iconic title track and other hits like “New Kid in Town.” The album is often seen as a commentary on the hedonism and excess of 1970s America.
  • Year Released: 1976

The Long Run (1979)

“The Long Run,” released in 1979, proved to be the last studio album before the band’s breakup in 1980. It includes hits like “Heartache Tonight” and showcases the band’s versatility, blending rock, R&B, and ballads.
  • Year Released: 1979

Long Road Out of Eden (2007)

After disbanding and later reuniting, the Eagles released “Long Road Out of Eden” in 2007, their first full studio album in 28 years. The double album features a mix of styles and commentary on contemporary issues, debuting at number one.
  • Year Released: 2007