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Data Collection Policy

At Very Best of All Time, we take privacy seriously and strive to be transparent about the data we collect from our users. This page outlines the types of information gathered when users participate in our polls or browse our website, and how that data is used.

Welcome to  VeryBestofAllTime.com, also known as VBOAT, – a unique platform that believes in the relative value of comparison rather than the arbitrary scales of out-of-10 or yes-or-no systems. At the heart of our approach is the understanding that every choice we make is relative to another. When choosing what to watch, read, or experience, we are not simply rating a singular entity; instead, we are deciding on a set of options. This perspective allows us to provide more meaningful and relevant insights for you.

Poll-Specific Data

We collect the following data on each poll.

1. Name of the Poll:

When a user votes in a poll, we record the name of the poll to ensure that votes are properly attributed and to prevent duplicate voting in the same poll.

2. IP Address:

We collect the IP address of the user casting the vote. This information helps us to prevent fraudulent voting activities and maintain the integrity of the poll results. IP addresses are stored securely and are not shared with third parties.

3. Date of the Vote:

The date of the vote is recorded to provide a chronological context for the poll results and to track voting patterns over time.

General User Information

1. Users on the Specific Page:

We track the number of users visiting each poll page to understand user engagement and interest in various topics.

2. Browser Information:

The type of browser used by the visitor is collected to optimize our website’s performance and ensure compatibility with different browsers.

3. Device Type:

We gather information about the type of device (e.g., mobile, tablet, desktop) used to visit our site. This data helps us create a more responsive and user-friendly design.

4. Page Duration:

Understanding how long users stay on a particular page allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our content and make improvements as needed.

5. Other Polls Viewed:

We monitor which other polls users view to provide insights into related interests and help us create more relevant and engaging content.

How We Use This Data

The information collected is used solely to enhance the user experience, maintain the integrity of the polls, and gather insights to improve our website. We do not sell or share this data with third parties for marketing purposes. Aggregated and anonymized data may be used for research and analysis to understand user behavior and preferences better.

Your Privacy Choices

Users can vote in our polls without creating an account or providing personal identification. If we cannot guarantee the quality of the data with this methodology, we may require users authenticate in the future.