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Voting Rules on VBOAT

We value the opinions of our community and invite you to participate in voting for the best in various categories. In order to maintain a fair and transparent voting process, we’ve outlined the following rules and guidelines that govern voting on our site.

Voting Eligibility

  1. One Vote Per Poll: Each user is allowed to cast one vote per poll every 24 hours. This ensures that everyone has an equal say and no single opinion is overly represented.
  2. Authentic Participation: Votes must be cast by real individuals. Any use of bots, automated voting scripts, or other means to manipulate the voting process is strictly prohibited.
  3. No Incentives: Offering or accepting incentives, including but not limited to money, gifts, or favors, in exchange for votes is not permitted.

How to Vote

  1. Browse and Select a Poll: Navigate through the categories and find the poll you would like to participate in.
  2. Choose Your Favorite: Select your favorite option from the list provided in the poll.
  3. Confirm Your Vote: Click the ‘Vote’ button to submit your vote. A confirmation message will appear, and your vote will be counted, and the results will be displayed in real time. You can vote once per 24 hours

    per vote.

Restrictions and Fair Play

At VBOAT, we believe in inclusion and diversity in polling. Having said that, we have some conditions that you must follow if you are going to participate in a VBOAT poll.

  1. Respect Others’ Opinions: We encourage healthy debate and discussion but ask that you respect the opinions and choices of others.
  2. No Duplicate Voting: Any attempts to circumvent the 24-hour rule by using multiple accounts or other deceptive practices will be monitored and may result in disqualification from voting.
  3. Respect the Voting System: Any attempt to disrupt or manipulate the voting process may lead to permanent bans from the site.

Special Polls and Inclusion Decisions

Occasionally, we may host special polls, such as inclusion polls, where community members can vote on specific rules or inclusion criteria for particular categories. The same general voting rules apply to these special polls.

Changes to Rules

We reserve the right to modify these voting rules at any time. Any changes will be communicated on this page, so please check back regularly for updates.

Report A Voting Flaw

If you see a flaw in the voting mechanism, please let us know using the contact form. Honestly we’re not entirely sure what we will be able to do about it but it would be nice to know.

Having issues?

If you have any questions or concerns about the voting process or rules, please contact us. We are here to help!