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What is the Best Episode of My Favorite Murder?

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Welcome to the ultimate fan-driven ranking of ‘My Favorite Murder’ episodes! Dive into the world of true crime as we spotlight the most gripping, spine-tingling, and memorable episodes as chosen by avid listeners like you. From the mysterious and unsolved to the darkly humorous, each episode offers a unique blend of storytelling that keeps fans hooked. Join us in exploring these fan-favorites, cast your vote, and share your thoughts on the episodes that left you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the podcast, this is your destination for all things ‘My Favorite Murder

One vote per 24 hours. If we’re missing an episode then comment at the bottom (if you don’t see it already), and vote up the comment.

What is the Best Episode of My Favorite Murder?

Episode 221: “Symbolic Violins”

This episode features Karen’s humorous take on Baby Jessica and Georgia’s compelling coverage of Sid & Nancy, showcasing their storytelling flair.

Episode 136: “The Uninhibited”

Diving into the murder of Stanford White and the enigmatic Case of the Boys on the Tracks, this episode stands out for its depth and detailed research.

Episode 77: “Live At The Keswick Theatre”

A live show capturing Karen’s chilling storytelling and Georgia’s amusing narrative about the Amish Murder, blending horror with humor.

Episode 139: “A Hundred Feelings”

This episode covers the haunting Kunz Family Murders and The Murder of Joan Dawley, revealing the dark secrets behind seemingly ordinary lives.

Episode 190: “Lick The Clock”

An episode that juxtaposes the tragic tale of the Radium Girls with the murder of Lisa Cihaski, blending historical tragedy with contemporary crime.

Episode 107: “Live From The Revolving Stage”

A dynamic live episode featuring Karen’s enthralling coverage of Jodi Arias and Georgia’s narration of Winnie Ruth Judd’s perplexing story.

Episode 75: “Breakfast Wine”

Karen and Georgia cover the enigmatic Main Line Murders and the unresolved murder of Spider Sabich, delivering a blend of mystery and humor.

Episode 129: “Coincidence Island”

Tackling “The Honolulu Strangler” and “The Galapagos Affair,” this episode is renowned for its mix of humor, drama, and gripping storytelling.

Episode 189: “What Wonderful Luck!”

Georgia’s retelling of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire and Karen’s story of the Barnetts blend heartbreak with an eerie twist.

Episode 18: “Investigateighteen Discovery”

Featuring the remarkable survival story of Mary Vincent and the sinister crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd, this episode captures the essence of chilling true crime.