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What Is The Best Rick and Morty Episode?

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Despite just turning ten years old in 2023, Rick and Morty is already considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But as far as recommending it to a friend, that’s also the problem. More than two dozen episodes take the highest ranking possible on AV Club’s rankings. So we’ll ask you this simple question, if you were to recommend ONE Rick and Morty episode to a friend who is just starting out, which one would it be?

Before voting, if you need a reminder about each episode, you can review the table below or the episode summaries that appear below the vote.

Season Episode Title Air Date
1 Pilot December 2, 2013
1 Lawnmower Dog December 9, 2013
1 Anatomy Park December 16, 2013
1 M. Night Shaym-Aliens! January 13, 2014
1 Meeseeks and Destroy January 20, 2014
1 Rick Potion #9 January 27, 2014
1 Raising Gazorpazorp March 10, 2014
1 Rixty Minutes March 17, 2014
1 Something Ricked This Way Comes March 24, 2014
1 Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind April 7, 2014
1 Ricksy Business April 14, 2014

What Is The Best Rick and Morty Episode?


The series kicks off with Pilot, introducing the eccentric and alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted yet easily distressed grandson Morty Smith. In this episode, Rick takes Morty on an intergalactic adventure to procure Mega Seeds, giving us our first taste of the zany and dangerous escapades the duo will get up to. It sets the tone for a show that blends science fiction, dark comedy, and deep existential questions.
  • Year Released: 2013
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Lawnmower Dog

In Lawnmower Dog, Rick and Morty delve into the dream world, inspired by films like Inception. Simultaneously, Rick enhances the family dog’s intelligence, leading to unforeseen consequences. The episode juxtaposes the convolutions of dream manipulation with the potential risks of unchecked technological advancements.
  • Year Released: 2013
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Anatomy Park

Anatomy Park sees Rick and Morty take on a Fantastic Voyage inspired adventure, shrinking down to explore a theme park inside the body of a homeless man. Meanwhile, Jerry struggles with his parents’ unconventional relationship. It’s a blend of body-horror, science fiction, and family drama, showcasing the show’s ability to balance disparate tones.
  • Year Released: 2013
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Rick, Morty, and Jerry are trapped inside a simulation by aliens attempting to scam Rick out of his secrets in M. Night Shaym-Aliens!. The episode is a play on layered realities, reminiscent of the mind-bending narratives of M. Night Shyamalan, as the trio attempt to outwit their captors.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Meeseeks and Destroy

Meeseeks and Destroy introduces the unforgettable Meeseeks, beings summoned to fulfill a single purpose, who then cease to exist. As the Smith family grapples with their wishes gone awry, Rick and Morty embark on a traditional adventure, flipping the script on their usual dynamic. The episode showcases the series’ knack for mixing dark humor with poignant character moments.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Rick Potion #9

In Rick Potion #9, Morty’s request for a love potion spirals out of control, leading to an apocalyptic scenario. Rick’s solution to the problem is both ingenious and morally questionable. The episode is a turning point for the series, confronting the consequences of the duo’s adventures and exploring the show’s multiverse concept.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Raising Gazorpazorp

After buying sex robots for Morty, Raising Gazorpazorp sees Rick and Summer journeying to a matriarchal society, while Morty grapples with unexpected fatherhood. The episode satirizes gender norms and societal expectations, blending its sharp commentary with the series’ signature humor.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Rixty Minutes

Rick introduces the family to interdimensional cable in Rixty Minutes, offering a glimpse into infinite television possibilities. As the family watches, Morty and Summer grapple with existential angst, leading to one of the series’ most profound moments. It’s a reflection on choice, consequence, and the nature of existence.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Something Ricked This Way Comes

In Something Ricked This Way Comes, Summer gets a job in a store run by the devil, offering cursed items. As Rick starts a competitive business out of spite, the episode takes a comedic look at the cost of unchecked ambition and the nature of good versus evil.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind dives deep into the show’s multiverse concept, introducing the Council of Ricks. As our Rick becomes a prime suspect in a series of murders, he and Morty face multiple versions of themselves, culminating in an emotional twist that ties back to the series premiere.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

Ricksy Business

Ending the season, Ricksy Business sees Rick throwing a wild party with intergalactic guests, while Beth and Jerry deal with their own escapade. The episode is a wild ride, filled with memorable characters and setting the stage for more adventures to come.
  • Year Released: 2014
  • Distributor: Adult Swim

A Rickle in Time

The Smith family, recovering from the events of the Season 1 finale, finds itself suspended in a fractured time due to uncertainties about their actions. Rick, Morty, and Summer must work together to fix the broken time while contending with uncertainty beings. All the while, Beth and Jerry float through space, trying to repair their relationship.
  • Date Released: July 26, 2015

Mortynight Run

Morty stands up against one of Rick’s ethically questionable adventures, leading them to a space arcade where Jerry confronts his self-worth. Meanwhile, Morty attempts a daring rescue of an alien gas entity, challenging his moral compass.
  • Date Released: August 2, 2015

Auto Erotic Assimilation

Rick’s emotional complexities come to the fore when the duo discovers a hive-minded entity from Rick’s past. While Beth and Jerry stumble upon Rick’s underground lab, the narrative raises deep questions about love, relationships, and individuality.
  • Date Released: August 9, 2015

Total Rickall

The Smith family is under attack from a parasite that implants fake memories into their heads, leading to a battle within the household. In a mind-bending twist, it becomes difficult to discern reality from the fabricated past.
  • Date Released: August 16, 2015

Get Schwifty

When mysterious heads appear in the sky, demanding a hit song, it’s up to Rick and Morty to “get schwifty” and save the world. The episode humorously tackles religious fanaticism, governmental overreaction, and the music industry.
  • Date Released: August 23, 2015

The Ricks Must Be Crazy

A quick pit stop for a battery replacement turns into a chaotic exploration of nested universes. Rick and Morty venture into worlds within worlds, encountering various versions of societal development, while Summer deals with the consequences above.
  • Date Released: August 30, 2015

Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

Looking for couple’s therapy, Beth and Jerry go to an alien planet where their relationship issues manifest into real-life monsters. Simultaneously, Rick, tired of the kids’ school drama, transfers his consciousness into a teenager, “Tiny Rick”, leading to unexpected consequences.
  • Date Released: September 13, 2015

Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

In this sequel to the beloved “Interdimensional Cable” episode from Season 1, Jerry is faced with a life-altering decision, while the rest of the family engages in more random TV from multiple dimensions. Expect the unexpected and the outright bizarre.
  • Date Released: September 20, 2015

Look Who’s Purging Now

Rick and Morty get stuck on a planet where the inhabitants live out a “purge” once a year. Morty’s struggle with his violent instincts comes to a head, resulting in a roller-coaster of emotions and confrontations.
  • Date Released: September 27, 2015

The Wedding Squanchers

The Smith family is invited to Birdperson’s wedding, but things take a dark turn, leading to confrontations, escapes, and sacrifices. With Galactic Federation on their tail, the family must make tough choices, setting the stage for future episodes.
  • Date Released: October 4, 2015

The Rickshank Rickdemption

The season starts with a bang as Rick escapes from a Galactic Federation prison, leading to the collapse of their government. Meanwhile, the family deals with the Federation’s control over Earth, with Morty and Summer confronting their feelings about their grandfather.
  • Date Released: April 1, 2017

Rickmancing the Stone

In a post-apocalyptic world inspired by “Mad Max”, Rick, Morty, and Summer face their issues related to divorce. Through aggressive vehicular wars and muscle-memory inducing crystals, they confront their family’s changing dynamics.
  • Date Released: July 30, 2017

Pickle Rick

Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid a family therapy session, leading to a wild series of events involving rats and a high-security foreign embassy. Concurrently, Beth, Morty, and Summer address their feelings with Dr. Wong, a family therapist.
  • Date Released: August 6, 2017

Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

In this superhero-themed episode, Rick and Morty join the Vindicators to stop Worldender, only for Rick’s rivalry and jealousy to turn the mission sideways. It’s a deadly game that underscores Rick’s complex relationship with Morty.
  • Date Released: August 13, 2017

The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Jerry is taken on a sympathy adventure by Rick, but the trip quickly turns dangerous. Meanwhile, Summer grapples with self-image issues, leading to some unexpected results.
  • Date Released: August 20, 2017

Rest and Ricklaxation

After a particularly stressful adventure, Rick and Morty decide to get a spa treatment. This leads to the creation of “toxic” and “detoxified” versions of themselves, sparking a confrontation between their best and worst traits.
  • Date Released: August 27, 2017

The Ricklantis Mixup (Tales From the Citadel)

While the title suggests a different story, this episode dives deep into the lives of various Ricks and Mortys at the Citadel. From political campaigns to factory life, the episode portrays a society rife with disparity and unrest.
  • Date Released: September 10, 2017

Morty’s Mind Blowers

Replacing the usual “Interdimensional Cable” theme, this episode showcases a series of memories Morty chose to forget, revealing dark, hilarious, and often poignant moments from past adventures.
  • Date Released: September 17, 2017

The ABC’s of Beth

Beth revisits a childhood fantasy world to rescue her childhood friend and confronts her past actions. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to move on with a new relationship. The episode delves into Beth’s complicated relationship with her father, Rick.
  • Date Released: September 24, 2017

The Rickchurian Mortydate

Rick squares off against the President of the United States in a tussle of ego and power, while Morty faces the repercussions of his family’s dysfunctional dynamics. The season concludes with a shift in the family’s perception of Rick.
  • Date Released: October 1, 2017

Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat

Rick takes Morty to harvest special crystals that show the holder how they will die. Things spiral out of control when Morty becomes obsessed with ensuring a specific future outcome. Simultaneously, different versions of Rick attempt to get back to the right reality.
  • Date Released: November 10, 2019

The Old Man and the Seat

Rick’s private restroom gets violated by an unknown entity. As Rick seeks revenge, the family is introduced to the “Lovefinderrz” app, leading to chaos in their personal lives and examining the nature of love and loneliness.
  • Date Released: November 17, 2019

One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty

This episode parodies heist movies. Rick gets caught up in a competition of escalating heists against a character named Heistotron, while Morty’s aspirations of writing a heist screenplay are called into question.
  • Date Released: November 24, 2019

Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty

Morty gets a dragon after insisting on it, but things get complicated and unexpectedly erotic. Simultaneously, Jerry befriends a talking cat, leading to bizarre adventures in Florida.
  • Date Released: December 8, 2019

Rattlestar Ricklactica

A flat tire in space on Rick’s ship leads to a chain of events involving time-traveling snakes and an interstellar snake war. Morty’s decision to interfere with a snake astronaut creates temporal chaos.
  • Date Released: December 15, 2019

Never Ricking Morty

Set on the “Story Train”, a literal narrative device, the episode is a meta-commentary on storytelling tropes, fan expectations, and the show’s structure. Rick and Morty face off against a series of challenges and enemies, including Story Lord.
  • Date Released: May 3, 2020


A parody of movies like “Aliens”, Rick and Morty find themselves on a planet controlled by face-hugging parasites. After escaping, they realize they left Summer behind and must return to save her, confronting the chaos they’ve inadvertently caused.
  • Date Released: May 10, 2020

The Vat of Acid Episode

Rick provides Morty with a “save point” device, allowing him to redo moments of his life. However, Morty’s overuse of the device leads to unforeseen consequences. The episode also showcases a fake-out premise involving a vat of fake acid.
  • Date Released: May 17, 2020

Childrick of Mort

The family goes on a camping trip, but Rick’s discovery that he might have fathered children with a living planet diverts their plans. As Beth and Rick deal with planet-sized parental responsibilities, Jerry attempts to prove himself as a capable outdoorsman.
  • Date Released: May 24, 2020

Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri

Beth discovers that she might be a clone, leading to an identity crisis. The family confronts an invasion from the Galactic Federation and Phoenixperson. The episode addresses the unresolved plotline about whether Rick cloned Beth.
  • Date Released: May 31, 2020

Mort Dinner Rick Andre

While Morty tries to impress Jessica by stopping time to keep wine from aging, Rick has dinner with his old nemesis, Mr. Nimbus, who controls the police. The dinner is an attempt to renew their peace treaty.
  • Date Released: June 20, 2021


After decoy versions of the Smith family are targeted and assassinated, the real Rick and Morty need to find out who’s trying to kill them. It leads to a confrontational saga among the numerous decoys they’ve created.
  • Date Released: June 27, 2021

A Rickconvenient Mort

Morty dates a planet-saving warrior named Planetina, a take on Captain Planet. Meanwhile, Rick goes on a fun apocalypse-themed tour with Summer.
  • Date Released: July 4, 2021

Rickdependence Spray

When Morty’s attempts to help with horse breeding lead to a dangerous and fast-spreading life form, the world is put at risk. Rick and the family scramble to solve the problem, while the U.S. government has its plans.
  • Date Released: July 11, 2021

Amortycan Grickfitti

Jerry and Beth try to spend a fun parents’ night out with another couple, while Rick and Morty entertain their teenage alien guests. Both events don’t go as smoothly as hoped.
  • Date Released: July 18, 2021

Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular

Rick accidentally desecrates the U.S. Constitution, leading to a battle with a vengeful spirit of the Thanksgiving turkey. The episode takes a humorous look at the holiday’s origin and American history.
  • Date Released: July 25, 2021

Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

Rick assembles a super-team of different versions of the family from the multiverse to pilot a series of combining robots, parodying the Voltron and mecha anime genre. It leads to power struggles and dangerous ambitions.
  • Date Released: August 1, 2021

Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort

The episode delves into Birdperson’s past, showcasing his relationship with Rick and exploring the traumas and moments that have defined him.
  • Date Released: August 8, 2021

Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

When two of the smartest beings in the multiverse, The Citadel’s The Leader and Birdperson, threaten Rick and Morty, the duo uses a device to erase memories to mess with their adversaries.
  • Date Released: August 15, 2021

Rickmurai Jack

The finale of the season takes a deep dive into the Citadel, its internal politics, and the many versions of Ricks and Morties. It explores themes of destiny, choice, and individuality.
  • Date Released: August 22, 2021