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What is the Best Episode of the Criminal Podcast?

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Welcome to the ultimate fan vote for the ‘Criminal’ podcast! We’ve curated a list of some of the most compelling and popular episodes, and now it’s your turn to help us rank them. From mysterious disappearances to intriguing historical crimes, each episode of ‘Criminal’ offers a unique and fascinating tale. Below, you’ll find a selection of standout episodes — but this is just the beginning. We want to hear from you! Cast your votes to determine which episode stands out as the fan favorite.

And if your personal favorite isn’t on our list, don’t worry. Scroll to the bottom of the page and let us know in the comments. You can suggest new episodes and vote up others’ recommendations. Your input is crucial in making this the definitive fan ranking of ‘Criminal’ episodes.

What is the Best Episode of the Criminal Podcast?

Episode 5: “Dropping Like Flies”

This episode unravels a mysterious story filled with intrigue, drawing listeners into a captivating narrative of unexpected twists and turns.

Episode 71: “Bump in the Night”

Dive into the unexpected and the unknown in this compelling episode, which masterfully blends suspense with the element of surprise.

Episode 56: “Don’t Let Me See You in the Whirl”

Explore the hidden layers of a complex case in this episode, which reveals the depths and intricacies of criminal investigation.

Episode 112: “The Mail”

“The Mail” offers a unique perspective on crime, presenting a thought-provoking and engaging narrative that challenges conventional thinking.

Episode 51: “Money Tree”

Investigate the intricate connections between crime and finance in this episode, which delves into the complex world of financial crime.

Episode 85: “The Manual”

“The Manual” delves into an unusual criminal case, offering listeners an insightful look into the more unconventional aspects of crime.

Episode 93: “Lavender Scare”

This episode explores the Lavender Scare, shedding light on a significant yet less-discussed historical event with deep criminal implications.

Episode 76: “The Big Lick”

Experience a gripping story combining elements of mystery and suspense in “The Big Lick,” captivating listeners with its dramatic narrative.

Episode 84: “Masterpiece”

“Masterpiece” beautifully weaves together art and crime, creating a narrative that is as intriguing as it is artistically rich.

Episode 99: “Racehorse Haynes”

Explore the complex world of the criminal justice system through the lens of the enigmatic character Racehorse Haynes in this enthralling episode.

Episode 66: “Bully”

Dive deep into the psychology and impact of bullying in this thought-provoking episode, exploring its far-reaching effects in society.

Episode 68: “All the Time in the World”

This episode takes an innovative look at the concept of time in relation to crime, offering a unique and philosophical perspective on criminal acts.