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What Is Jane Austen's Best Book?

Jane Austen

Jane Austen (1775–1817) was an English novelist whose works, set among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the most widely read and beloved writers in English literature. Born in Steventon, Hampshire, Austen was the seventh child of Reverend George Austen and Cassandra Leigh Austen. Jane’s family was close-knit, and she developed a particularly strong bond with her sister, Cassandra, who was her lifelong confidant.

Jane Austen’s literary journey began in her teenage years, where she penned numerous stories, often to entertain her family. Her writing primarily explores the dependence of women on marriage in the pursuit of favorable social standing and economic security. Her novels use irony and biting social commentary to explore the limitations placed on women in the 18th and 19th centuries, and they have retained enduring popularity through their lively characters, cunning narrative commentary, and her masterful use of irony.

Book Publication Year Genre
Sense and Sensibility 1811 Romance/Comedy
Pride and Prejudice 1813 Romance/Comedy
Mansfield Park 1814 Romance/Drama
Emma 1815 Romance/Comedy
Northanger Abbey 1818 (posthumous) Gothic Parody/Romance
Persuasion 1818 (posthumous) Romance/Drama

What Is The Best Jane Austen Best Book?

Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen’s first published novel, “Sense and Sensibility,” explores the lives and romantic misadventures of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, whose family is thrust into financial straits after their father’s death. The novel juxtaposes the sisters’ distinct personalities—one ruled by logic and the other by emotion—as they navigate societal expectations and forge their respective paths towards love and happiness.
  • Publication Year: 1811
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy

Pride and Prejudice

“Pride and Prejudice,” one of Austen’s most beloved works, revolves around Elizabeth Bennet, one of five daughters in the Bennet family. Amidst the strict social hierarchies of early 19th century England, Elizabeth engages in a spirited relational spar with the handsome yet seemingly aloof Mr. Darcy. Themes of social class disparity, morality, and marriage thread through this timeless and insightful novel.
  • Publication Year: 1813
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy

Mansfield Park

In “Mansfield Park,” protagonist Fanny Price is sent to live with her wealthy relatives, where she navigates a world where moral rectitude and social propriety often stand in contrast. With themes of displacement, moral steadfastness, and social mobility, the novel explores Fanny’s quiet strength and determination in the face of the moral laxity that permeates Mansfield Park.
  • Publication Year: 1814
  • Genre: Romance/Drama


“Emma” showcases the life of Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy young woman who prides herself on her matchmaking skills. Though she is confident in most areas, her navigations through friendships and romantic entanglements often miss the mark. A tale bursting with irony, wit, and rich characterization, “Emma” explores themes of self-discovery, societal expectations, and the complexities of relationships.
  • Publication Year: 1815
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy

Northanger Abbey

In “Northanger Abbey,” Catherine Morland, an unworldly young woman obsessed with Gothic novels, gets a chance to enter society in the historic city of Bath. Catherine learns valuable lessons about the disparity between fiction and reality and the true intentions of people. Austen cleverly parodies Gothic fiction while exploring themes of self-perception and integrity.
  • Publication Year: 1818 (posthumous)
  • Genre: Gothic Parody/Romance


“Persuasion” tells the story of Anne Elliot, who is persuaded to break off her engagement to Frederick Wentworth, a man without fortune, only to be reacquainted with him years later when he has ascended in social status. Amidst themes of regret, second chances, and the follies of youth, the novel examines the silent endurance of a woman in love and the complexities of the human heart.
  • Publication Year: 1818 (posthumous)
  • Genre: Romance/Drama