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What is the Best Episode of Philosophize This!?

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Fans of philosophy and philosophy podcasts have gone through a phase where they have heard the line “hello everyone, I’m Steven West..” but, if you had to choose, which episode of Philosophize This! would you say is the best?

The early episodes have the benefit of being a fresh, focused narrative but they were at a time when Steven was still getting used to the art of podcasting. However the later episodes are less broad (generally speaking) in narrative.

What is the Best Episode of Philosophize This!?

Episode #033: “Spinoza pt. 1 – From Baruch to Benedicto”

This episode introduces listeners to Baruch De Spinoza, exploring his life and philosophical journey, and why his ideas were considered life-threatening during his time.

Episode #136: “Hannah Arendt – The Banality of Evil”

Delving into the work of Hannah Arendt, this episode examines the concept of ‘The Banality of Evil,’ providing insights into Arendt’s profound philosophical observations.

Episode #065: “Mary Wollstonecraft”

Focusing on feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, this episode discusses her revolutionary ideas and contributions to the feminist movement.

Episode #060: “Kant pt. 5 – The Sublime”

An exploration into Kant’s concept of the sublime, tackling the elusive nature of this philosophical idea and its implications.

Episode #073: “How To Win An Argument Pt. 1”

This episode provides a guide to identifying and understanding common logical fallacies, helping listeners to navigate and win arguments effectively.

Episode #072: “Insecurity”

A thought-provoking discussion on the topic of insecurity, offering philosophical perspectives on this common human experience.

Episode #067: “What Hegel Was Saying!”

Continuing the discussion on Hegel, this episode delves deeper into his philosophies, helping listeners to unravel the complexities of Hegel’s thought.

Episode #063: “Kant pt. 8 – Limits of Knowledge”

This episode examines Kant’s views on the limits of human knowledge, exploring the boundaries of what we can truly know and understand.

Episode #029: “Descartes pt. 2”

Focusing on René Descartes, this episode takes listeners through the second part of a series on Descartes’ philosophical ideas and contributions.