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List of Rick and Morty Episodes

View a full list of all rick and morty episodes starting with the pilot and lawnmower dog, which were the first two episodes of the series.

best real housewives series

What is the Best Real Housewives Series?

From lavish lifestyles to fierce feuds, the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise has given us a glamorous glimpse into the lives of affluent women from various cities around the world. But which series has been the best? Let’s vote.

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Who Is The Best Bachelor?

Since its debut, The Bachelor has been one of the most iconic reality shows on TV. However the question remains, who has been the best bachelor ever?

mad men

Best Mad Men Season

The Suitcase is widely regarded as the episode of Mad Men, but what was the season? Let’s vote on it and decide which season is the best.

south park

Best South Park Season?

What is the best season of South Park? Season 7 with little detectives? Or what about the origins of the show? Let’s vote.